NetSafe is pleased to announce that NetSafe08: Cybercitizens was a huge success. For information on the outcome and proceedings of the conference please visit (conferences and symposia).
------Original Call--------
NetSafe is pleased to invite you to the stunning winter resort of Queenstown to the first international conference on Cybercitizens: Risks, Rights, and Responsibilities of Participation in the Information Age.

Citizenship is a cornerstone of participation in modern democracies. It is awarded on the basis of meeting specific civic responsibilities.  It affords the citizen the rights to safe passage and protection from unlawful harm.
Although Cyberspace is a virtual space, it is real. Just as citizens in physical territories experience risk, have rights to protection, and need to honour responsibilities, citizens in Cyberspace experience risk, have rights to protection, and need to honour responsibilities.

The Conference

The NetSafe Conference 08 aims to consider a range of topics relating to the concepts of cybercitizenry and cybersafety. We seek papers, presentations, and workshops on a broad range of topics related to the risks, rights to safety, and responsibilities of citizens in the information age.

We welcome a broad audience, including educators, researchers, industry, web developers, government, and non-government organisations, to collaborate on considering the challenges and opportunities Cyberspace can offer for citizens in the information age.

To present at the conference please click on the Call for Papers link. To register please click on the Registration link.
The conference is also fortunate to be hosting the International Project on Cyberbullying Conference.
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